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Sur Ron Battery 72V 40Ah – The Super 72


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Our 72V Super 72 Battery Pack is the ultimate Sur Ron battery, juicing up your Sur Ron to 300% its original power.

Offering 15kW of power while packing 156% as much energy as the original battery in the exact same dimensions.

Not only our Super 72 Battery will make you fly, it will also allow you to venture into uncharted territory thanks to its 2880Wh of capacity.

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Faster and further, these are the two words that describe best our 72V 40Ah Super 72 Battery. Capable of delivering 300% as much power as the original battery in the exact same volume, it fits the bike’s battery compartment with no modification. In addition it boasts 156% as much energy, helping you uncover uncharted territories, fast.

This high-end battery is hand-built in France to perfection. We are using A-grade, top of the line Samsung cells able to steadily deliver huge power output while keeping their capacity for years to come. Cyprien and I have been riding our 60 and 72V packs hard in enduro and in MX competitions. We rode them in the snow by -20°C and in the dust by +40°C, so rest assured they’ll never let you down.

Our battery is built into a streamlined, robust stainless-steel case, providing best in-class protection against damages, featuring an integrated handle for easy manipulation and a built-in digital screen for hands-on readings.


Everyone wants to know how far their battery will lead them. It depends on many factors: the type of terrain you ride on, the elevation you’re aiming at climbing, rider’s wheight, etc.

Nevertheless, knowing what you usually do with the stock battery, you can almost double the range as our Super 72 Battery brings improvements on two levels:

So if you used to ride 40km with your stock pack, you can safely assume you’ll now be riding around 70km. Will your arms resist that long? Although you’ll feel like the autonomy is never ending, the integrated LCD meter allows you to check the battery’s status in both percentages and volts.


The Super 72V pack was made with high-power controllers in mind (BAC 4000 & 8000, Nucular 24F, Sintech, TORP TC500…) and steadily delivers 15kW of power. Equally at ease on technical enduro singles, challenging tracks or in high speed situations, our 72V pack was made to provide power for as long as you need (or as long as your motor or arms can handle).

The 72V tension increases working efficiency, maintaining your controller and motor at optimal temperatures while allowing for higher motor RPMs. Top speed and torque will definitely depend on both the controller you use and your gearing. But if you ask me “how fast can it go?” or “how much torque will it provide?”, there’s only one answer: yes.

In addition, our batteries all come equipped with a state-of-the-art bluetooth BMS, enabling direct visualisation of battery temperatures or cells voltages on your phone.


The programmable BT BMS monitors all of the pack’s parameters: from cells voltages to core temperature, we have fine-tuned everything to get the most out of our architecture in a safely manner. The BMS is in charge of safety and will reduce or cut current if required. For instance, it would damage the cells charging at freezing temperatures, so the BMS would prevent it.

The 60V vs 72V dilemma

We could debate for hours regarding what’s best between 60V and 72V. Long story short, the 60V battery will allow you to drastically increase the autonomy while retaining full compatibility with both the stock bike’s controller and charger.

On the other hand, although they require specific chargers and controllers, 72V packs allow to deliver even higher power while also boasting an amazing autonomy. A lower voltage battery will need to output more amps to reach the same power as one with a higher voltage. As amperage is what creates heat, at some point you reach the limit over which you’ll be overheating your motor and controller. That’s the very reason why 72V allows for higher power than 60V packs.

The same goes for 60V packs, sure we could optimise them more towards autonomy, but they wouldn’t be able to provide more than 5 or 6kW of power. Some manufacturers optimise their 60V batteries for capacity only while their 72V offering only aims at high power output with inferior energy-density. This is where the misunderstanding comes from.

That being said, all our batteries are top-notch in terms of power and capacity, so whatever your choice, it will rock you! Regarding capacity, both our 60V Super Range and our 72V Super 72 offer the exact same Watt-hours count.

So, are you a 60V or 72V rider?

Technical details

Cells A-grade Samsung Li-Ion INR 21700 cells
Nominal Voltage 72V
Nominal Capacity 40Ah (2880Wh)
Power Output Up to 15kW
BMS 300A bluetooth BMS
Casing Stainless-steel case with integrated handle and LCD
Cycle Life 500 cycles with 80% of nominal capacity
Weight 14kg
Height 34cm
Compatibility All 72V compatible controllers and chargers

Rider’s questions

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how do you get 40ah 72v in the same size as the stock battery? all the other 72v batteries i see of that size require lid extendors 1 answer


Quentin mto logo

I guess we work out the assembly with a better space optimisation. Everything fits at the mm!

Hello, what type of charging connector is on this battery pack? Thanks. 1 answer


Quentin mto logo

We use an xt60 on the battery side, it's pretty standard and supports high current for fast charge.

Is the 72v 40ah a perfect fit for the battery lid? 1 answer

Jacob Cuijpers

Quentin mto logo

Yes, it's the same size as the stock battery so you can't get any better regarding lid fitting 👌

Hello MTO bros, Few questions before ordering pls: 500 cycles life (with 80%..) from 20 to 80% or from 0 to 100%? Warranty 1 year? What are battery pack nominal and peak Amperes capacity? BMS working both on charge and discharge? Shipping to Marseille and/or possible to come and pick it up? Thks, Fa 1 answer


Quentin mto logo

Hey mate! Definitely shipping to Marseille without any issue. A cycle is always after using the full capacity, so either 1x from 100% down to 0% or 2x from 100% down to 50%, or 4x from 75% to 50%. You get it. Two year warranty. BMS of course manages charge AND discharge, it's a matter of safety. It also ensures the longest pack lifespan, by making sure it never goes beyond its parameter range (temp, current, voltage…). At full charge, the pack has a 40Ah capacity, measured on the discharge bench. It matches the theoretic one computed as per the Samsung's cells specsheet.

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