Livraison gratuite pour toute commande supérieure à 150 

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Offrez à vos proches 10  sur leur première commande de 100 + et gagnez 500 points (10 ) pour chaque pilote qui rejoint la famille grâce à vous. C'est notre manière de vous dire merci du partage.

Vous cherchez vos gains ? C'est là que ça se passe.

  1. Obtenez votre lien

    Entrez votre email pour générer votre lien de partage et récupérez vos bénéfices.

  2. Offrez 10  à vos amis

    Partagez votre lien avec vos proches pour leur offrir 10  sur leur première commande chez MTO.

  3. Vous bénéficiez aussi de 10  de remise

    Chaque fois que quelqu'un passe une commande via votre lien, vous recevez 10 . Passez le mot !

Questions Fréquentes

Questions fréquentes à propos de notre programme de parrainage.

How do I sign up for the Refer a Friend program?

If you’re already connected, it’s as simple as sharing your referral link with your friends. If you’re not connected or if you don’t have an account, just enter your email address and you’ll get your sharing link.

You automatically start earning as soon as a friend place an order (over 150€) after clicking your link (up to 30 days after clicking 👌).

How do I share my link?

It’s a simple as handing it out to your friends, the way you want: email, social networks, postcards, your call 😝

How do my friends get their discount?

As soon as they click your link, we know they’re coming from you and greet them adequately. When their cart product total reaches 150€, their discount is applied automatically.

No worries if they don’t place the order right away, we’ll remember them up to 30 days. After that, they would have to click your link again.

Also note that they need to be new customers, otherwise that’d be cheating 🙈

How do I claim my rewards?

Your reward is automatically credited as Squad Points when your friend’s order is shipped. Just login to your account to check your balance.

How do I redeem my gains?

To use your balance, you need to be connected to your account when shopping (we aren’t magicians 🪄, we need to know it’s you).

If you have enough points, you’ll see a message on the cart page – right under the total – asking whether you want to use your Squad Points for the order.

For how long are my points valid?

All the points you earn through referrals are valid for a 30 day period. On the other hand, the points you earn through an order are valid for 6 months.

There is only one Squad Points balance though, so if you earn 500 points through a referral but already had points expiring in 2 days, your whole balance is now valid for 6 months 🤘

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