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The MTO Squad

Being a rider is being part of a great family. A family that MTO takes great care of. No matter your age or riding level, we want you to get the most out of your bike. For that, we have built the MTO Squad: a program with so many perks you’ll end up thinking it’s christmas every day.

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  1. Join The Squad

    Create an account and make your first purchase to start enjoying The Squad Reward Program benefits.

  2. Earn Points

    Earn 1 point for every spent. Redeem your points at anytime to pay for an order.

  3. Unlock

    Enjoy exclusive benefits as you move between program tiers and reach Thunder status.

The Benefits Storm Lightning Thunder
Unlock First order 5 orders 12 orders
Rewards 500 points = 10  500 points = 10  500 points = 10 
Earn = 1 point = 1 point = 2 points
500 Birthday Points
Exclusive Discounts
Free Shipping* 120  80  50 
Birthday Bonus
2x Points Days
3x Points Days

How to Earn Points

Refer a Friend

  • Share your referral link with your friends
  • Your friends get 10  on their first order and you get 10  for each of them
  • The more you tell your friends how great we are the more you earn 😎
Refer a friend
Tell Us Your Birthday

Tell Us Your Birthday

  • Join The Squad
  • Fill in your birthday in your account.
  • We like to think of you as a friend. As a present, we give you 500 points for this special day.

Special Squad Days

  • Join The Squad
  • Reach the Lightning or Thunder level.
  • Get exclusive invites on special days where we offer double points for Lightning level and triple points for Thunder level.
Special Squad Days
Start Shopping

Start Shopping

  • Join The Squad
  • Earn points as you shop. Your points are redeemable as soon as you reach 250 and are valid for a 6 months period.

Frequent Questions

Common questions regarding our loyalty program

How do I join the Squad?

It’s very easy, as soon as you make your first purchase, you automatically join the Squad as an MTO customer and instantly start earning points.

How do I earn points?

Your earn the equivalent of your order’s price in Squad Points (shipping doesn’t count though).

Basically, you earn the order’s subtotal in points, minus discounts. Of course, if you pay with your Squad Points, the points you used to pay are considered as part of the subtotal, no swindle here!

On top of that, you can earn points through our Referral Program and on your birthday, on the house (that’s a good reason to fill in your birthdate).

Moreover, your purchase can make you earn up to 3x the usual number of points on special 2x & 3x days (make sure to be subscribed to our newsletter not to miss them!).

Last but not least, when you reach Thunder level, all your purchase count double the points, without limits!

When are my points credited?

As soon as you place an order, you earn Squad Points. Your points are credited to your account at the moment we ship your items. So no worries if you don’t instantly see your new balance right after you place an order.

Where can I find my Squad balance & level?

Right into your account, in “My loyalty program” tab.

How do I redeem my points?

As soon as your MTO Squad Points balance reaches 250 points, you can use it to pay for items you shop on the site. To use your balance, you need to be connected to your account when shopping (we aren’t magicians 🪄, we need to know it’s you).

If you have enough points, you’ll see a message on the cart page – right under the total – asking whether you want to use your Squad Points for the order.

For how long are my points valid?

All the points you earn through an order are valid for a 6 month period. The points you earn through a referral or that we offer for your birthday are valid for 30 days.

There is only one Squad Points balance though, so if you earn 1000 points through an order but already had points expiring in 2 days, your whole balance is now valid for 6 months 🤘

What happens to my points when I return an item?

As you probably already know, it’s ok to change your mind. If you return some items, we update your new balance based on what you returned. Of course, if you return only one item above many in an order, you keep most of the points you earned through that order. A debt paid is a friend kept 🤝

How do I achieve Storm level?

Storm level is the first level when you join the Squad. This is the level you achieve as a new customer, welcome on board 🤗

How do I achieve Lightning level?

Lightning level is achieved after 5 orders. After your fifth order, you get all the perks that come with the Lightning level (birthday points on the house for instance 🎁).

How do I achieve Thunder level?

Thunder level is achieved after 12 orders and is the highest level here at the Squad. After your 12th order, you get all the perks that come with the Thunder level. Your next order will earn double the points for instance. Well done!

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