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about us

About us

A love story

MTO was born out of love and passion: the love of two brothers, a passion for two-wheelers and a thirst for adventure.

We are two brothers, Quentin and Cyprien, united by our passion for bikes. We have been riding bikes for as long as we can remember. As a teenager, Quentin was competing at the French national MTB championship. As for Cyprien, he has always been keener on bikes with a motor.

Cyprien exploring Mongolia on his adventure bike Quentin racing DH as a kid

We’re from the French Rhône-Alpes region, with Alpes as in Alps. So we always had great trails and impressive sceneries close by. That’s one of the reasons why we fell in love with off-road riding. We share our time between France (that’s where we’re from) and the incredible region of Catalonia in Spain, depending on where the trails take us.

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How it all started

Apart from DH mountain bike (where descent is a kind of motor), we never really got to ride together. As a matter of fact, Quentin wasn’t confident riding a motorbike twice his weight in the gnarliest terrains… not until 2019.

It was during the 2019 covid lockdown that we discovered dirt e-bikes, on Instagram. As soon as the stores reopened, we were buying two of them.

On our way to try our freshly bought Surrons ebikes

It’s a DH MTB without pedals that makes uphills into descents!

Quentin’s first impression

It’s as nimble as a MTB, drives like a MTB but climbs like a motorbike. We were instantly hooked. For the very first time, we agreed on what was supposed to be the ultimate bike. Cyprien sold his 2 stroke and Quentin’s mountain bike is currently gathering dust.

Even Cyprien, being 1m85, couldn’t help noticing the confort of having a light bike. On top of that, riding electric allows us to enjoy the thrills of adrenaline while offering the most immersive nature experience.

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MTO, on a mission

Agile, lightweight, fast and stealth, it had it all! Nevertheless, we quickly felt the need for an upgrade. We wanted more: more power, more range, better suspension, better brakes, better wheels, better tyres, you name it.

Hence, we started a quest for performance parts. Not only were we able to improve the cockpit’s ergonomics to better match the pilot’s size and preferences, we also unlocked the full potentiel of these machines. Fully upgraded, these bikes are cruse missiles!

MTO has performance and racing in its DNA

Naturally, as any passionate would, we wanted everyone to experience the same thrill. After spending so much time searching for upgrade solutions, we believed we could help the e-dirt bike world gain traction.

Cyprien is a web-marketing strategist and Quentin a web-engineer. As a matter of fact, e-commerce had no secret for us. We had a passion, a goal and the know-how. That’s why we decided to create MTO: a one-stop shop where we offer quality, battle-tested parts for everything e-dirtbike.

Our philosophy is to only sell parts that we would ride with. Indeed, we personally ride 99% of the parts that you’ll find on the website, so rest assured they are rock solid and up to the highest standards.

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profile cyprien

Cyprien Crash Test Dummie

Reckless rider, Cyprien is MTO’s official crash-tester. Always riding at 200%, his height, weight and many crashes gurantee that our parts are battle tested and approved.

profile quentin

Quentin Expert Shredder

Attentive to the tiniest detail, he precisely cares about the specific pressure to use in your suspensions, the chemistry of battery cells and component’s exact alloy. Quentin leaves nothing to chance.