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Ultra Bee DOT 4 Brake Fluid - 500ml


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Whether you’re cruising through city streets or tackling forest trails, the braking distance is what makes the difference between a graceful stop and an unexpected hug with a tree or a car.

Ensuring your braking system is in tip-top shape is crucial. Regularly checking your Ultra Bee brake fluid and maintaining it with high-quality DOT 4 is a savvy move for peak performance and safety.

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Over time, atmospheric humidity, brake pad residues and other contaminants sneak into your brake fluid, causing mischief with its effectiveness and turning your braking distance into a guessing game.

Ideally, your brake fluid should be as clear as crystal. If it starts resembling a murky potion, that’s your cue that impurities have gate-crashed the party, signaling it’s time for a brake fluid purge.

Our Ultra Bee Dot 4 brake fluid stands out for its synthetic chemical composition, giving it outstanding compatibility and a total aversion to rubber seals in your calipers and brake cylinders.

With a dry boiling point soaring past 269°C and a wet boiling point exceeding 169°C, this brake fluid brings peace of mind to your braking safety game. Plus, its maximum viscosity of 1500 cSt ensures a fluid flow for enhanced brake performance.

Allow your brake fluid to fulfill its superhero role, ensuring your safety and achieving precision stops – be it on a dime or a nickel, as per your preference.

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