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Sur Ron Ultra Bee Parts

The Sur Ron Ultra Bee is the famous Light Bee’s big sister. Offering 12kW of power straight out of the factory, it’s a 125cc equivalent in both power and form-factor.

Sur Ron took all the good design features that made the Light Bee popular and transposed them into a slightly bigger electric bike. Featuring full-size suspensions and moto brakes with a sturdy chassis, all the while preserving a very light design, this bike will fit riders of any level.

Pilots with a motocross background and taller riders that were not at ease on the smaller Sur Ron now have an option that will make them feel right at home. Sunday rides on the trails, morning ride to work, MX track, hard enduro, this bike can do it all!

From upgrades to maintenance, dive into our selection of tyres and wheels for the Sur Ron Ultra Bee, batteries and controllers for the Sur Ron UB or Ultra Bee frame and chassis.

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Frequent Questions

Common questions regarding Sur Ron Ultra Bee Parts

Interested in delving deeper into the Sur Ron Ultra Bee?

Riders transitioning from gas powered bikes, as well as taller riders who didn’t quite vibe with the smaller Sur Ron, now have an option that will make them feel right at home.

Loaded with top-notch features, from customizable engine performance to adjustable traction and braking modes, this bike is cutting edge tech. Perfect for riders of all stripes, it’s compact yet comfortable, making it a true gem on any trail.

With its little sister, the Light, Sur Ron sparked a global frenzy, and the Ultra Bee keeps that momentum going. Its lightweight design and mind blowing torque let it glide effortlessly across all terrains. Thanks to its electric motor, maintenance is a breeze compared to gas bikes, allowing you to spend more time on the seat and less on the motor!

Whether you’re tackling the gnarliest trails, enjoying a countryside cruise, commuting daily, or hitting MX jumps for airtime records, this bike has your back!

Adjustable settings cater to both beginners and aficionados, while its bulletproof construction ensures it can take a beating. So, are you ready for an adrenaline rush?

Is MTO Brothers the go-to for reliable Sur Ron Ultra Bee parts?

Ready to elevate your Sur Ron Ultra Bee to new heights? Look no further than MTO Brothers for all your upgrade needs!

Our product range features high quality Sur Ron Ultra Bee brakes and accessories, transmission parts tailored for the Ultra Bee, and essential maintenance products to ensure your bike stays smooth and reliable.

Plus, our Ultra Bee tools make tinkering a breeze. Experience the thrill of top-notch performance with our Ultra Bee premium parts and accessories.

How does the development process unfold at MTO?

At MTO, we don’t just develop products, we craft experiences. Here’s a glimpse into our journey:

We kickstart with a deep dive into our pilot’s world, probing every detail to truly grasp their needs and aspirations.

Then, armed with insights, we craft a meticulous plan, meticulously mapping out every aspect from architecture to materials, ensuring every piece fits into the puzzle perfectly.

Our journey continues with the birth of a 3D prototype, a tangible manifestation of our imagination. We push boundaries, testing and refining until it’s flawless. Then, we move on to manufacturing prototypes in the final material, subjecting them to the harshest tests imaginable. Only the strongest survive.

Feedback pours in, and we thrive on it. We evolve, tweak, and refine, ensuring our products aren’t just good – they’re exceptional.

Finally, when perfection is achieved, we unveil our creations to the world.

In essence, whether it’s Sur Ron Light Bee parts, Sur Ron Ultra Bee, or Talaria Sting parts, our journey is marked by relentless pursuit of excellence, unwavering dedication to innovation, and a passion for crafting the extraordinary.

What's the top speed achievable by the Sur Ron Ultra Bee?

The Sur Ron Ultra Bee has a top speed of 90 kmh (56 mph). It’s pretty obvious that the bike could theoretically go faster and is electronically restrained.

Unfortunately, at the moment, it’s not possible to reach higher speeds without buying aftermarket controllers.

The increased power (compared to the Light Bee) allows it to reach 48 kmh (30 mph) in just 2.3 seconds, with 80 kmh (50 mph) arriving just three seconds later, before topping out at 90 (56 mph).

What's the Sur Ron Ultra Bee range on a single charge?

The maximum range announced by its manufacturer is 140 kilometers. This is based on a rider weighing 55 kg, maintaining a stabilized speed of 40 km/h on a smooth, dry road, and in good weather conditions.

That being said, when you buy a bike that is capable of climbing mountains, it’s usually not intended for riding it on a treadmill, and 55 kg might be the average weight in some fantasy world, but in the real world, most riders are way above this range.

Now, giving you an exact figure would be quite challenging as the range depends on many factors (rider’s weight, riding style, type of terrain…). But to provide you with a real-life example, Cyprien (one of the MTO cofounders, who weighs 80 kg) rides the Ultra for approximately 40 km in hard enduro and between 25 to 30 km in high-speed trails.

How much does the Sur Ron Ultra Bee weigh?

Keeping the weight at 85 kilograms, the Sur Ron Ultra Bee is much easier to handle compared to the 126 kg of the Storm Bee.

Yet, it’s no secret that most riders crave that personalized touch. Whether it’s adding style to their ride or boosting performance metrics like range, off-road prowess, or power output, customization is key.

Maintaining a sleek weight of 85 kilograms ensures it’s a breeze to handle, far surpassing the bulkier 126 kilograms of the Storm Bee.

Yet, it’s no secret that most riders crave that personalized touch. Whether it’s adding flair to their ride or boosting performance metrics like range, off-road prowess, or power output, customization is key.

For a tangible example, our Ultra Bee weighs around 95 kg. We upgraded the wheels, a must-have for any serious enduro enthusiast, and also upgraded the battery to enable longer rides.

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