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Transmission Parts for Sur Ron Light Bee

Transmission is often an overlooked aspect of dirtbikes, and yet it’s the centerpiece of any performance tuning. Even more so on electric dirt bikes as they don’t have a gearbox. Power is transmitted via a chain or a belt (or both for two-staged transmission) to a set of pinions and sprockets.

On a performance standpoint, you will obviously want to have a perfectly well functioning transmission at all times. This means that your chain (and/or belt) is in good shape, clean and well lubricated. Belts, chains and sprockets wear out over time, so it’s normal to replace them. On electric motorcycle with oil-bathed gears, you also need to regularly change the oil.

To improve even more the performance of your electric motorcycle, the one thing you’ll want to tune is your gear ratio. E-dirtbikes are fixed gears and finding the perfect ratio for your type of ridind is essential. The bigger the wheel sprocket, the higher the ratio, the more torque you have. On the contrary, the lower the ratio, the more top speed you get… but with lower torque and less climbing ability.

Factory gear ratios on stock bikes are a compromise that tries to fit everything and everyone. But you’re not everyone, aren’t you?

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