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Aluminium Sprocket for Sur Ron Light Bee & Talaria Sting

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Our sprockets, lighter than their factory counterparts, deliver accelerations and braking that are lightning-fast, thanks to a reduction in the weight to set in motion and to stop.

Furthermore, they optimize suspension dynamics and enhance bike maneuverability by minimizing unsprung weight.

Beyond adding a unique touch to your bike, you unlock greater autonomy as the engine operates more efficiently, especially in high-torque demand scenarios.

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Sprocket Size

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Sprockets are gold nuggets! Their role is to transfer cinetic energy coming from the motor, to the wheel. In the business of transferring energy, size matters!

The size of the sprocket directly impacts the torque and speed transmitted to the rear wheel. The bigger the sprocket, the greater the torque, whereas the smaller the sprocket, the higher the top speed.

Whether you desire enhanced torque with our 64-tooth sprocket (33% extra torque), favor the agile maneuverability of the 58-tooth variant (20% more torque), or seek the optimal balance of speed and torque with our 54 (13% additional torque) and 52-tooth options, our range is tailored to meet every rider’s pursuit of excellence.

For those preferring to maintain the stock size while aiming for heightened performance, our 48-tooth aluminum sprocket ensures lightning-quick responsiveness at breakneck speeds.

Made from aluminum, our Sur Ron Light Bee and Talaria Sting sprockets are much lighter than the steel ones that come from the factory.

Rotating objects see the impact of their mass greatly increased as they have inertia and as their effective weight increase with the speed at which their rotate.

As a matter of fact, a lighter sprocket improves the performance of your bike in two ways:

Technical details

Alloy 7071 aviation grade almuninium
Compatibility Plug and play with Sur Ron & Talaria wheels as well as all of our MTO & SM Pro wheels

Compatibility and fitting

Chain length depends on the sprocket size you are using. For Talaria Sting and Sur Ron Light Bee, here are the number of links you need for each sprocket size.

Sprocket size (tooth) Sur Ron chain Talaria chain / MTO Racing Swingarm
42T 104 links 106 links
48T 106 links 108 links
52T 108 links 110 links
54T 110 links 112 links
56T 112 links 114 links
58T 112 links 116 links
60T 114 links 118 links
64T 116 links 118 links

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Ordered the 54t MTO Sprocket but unfortunately they hadn’t got it in stock, Quentin emailed me straight away and asked if they could send me a alternative 54t sprocket from a well known Brand, of course this was acceptable ! Very please with the product and the service, will continue to use and recommend to everyone.

I recommend this product





W9 and not MTO

Thought I’d receive a MTO branded sprocket but was a Warp9. Don’t really matter because quality is still good. I really like the MTO branded parts so in the future it would be nice to receive what’s on the pictures, I see warp9 everywhere so that’s one reason I’d prefer MTO brand shown instead.

I recommend this product

Quentin mto logo

Sorry for sending the equivalent W9 instead without prior warning Niclas. As the design was really close and we weren’t be receiving the restock soon we took the liberty to order some W9 (not really in our favour regarding the $$$) to preserve you from a long wait. Will definitely send an email before assuming it’s no problem next time 😬