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24kW Sotion Motor for Talaria Sting


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If your stock motor overheats, lacks torque, or loses power past 40 km/h (25 mph), you’re in the right place!

This isn’t just another Talaria upgrade; it’s the ultimate one. Trust us, words can’t do justice to the sheer power and performance the Sotion motor delivers.

With immense torque, lightning-fast acceleration, unmatched efficiency, and a sleek design, it’s not just about performance, it’s a statement to style and thrilling sensations.

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Sensor Type

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You’re looking for a solution that offers more power, torque, and increased efficiency while eliminating overheating issues? You’ve come to the right place!

Tailor made for the Talaria Sting, the Talaria Sting Sotion Motor is a game changer. With an enlarged rotor, wider stator, and integrating IPM technology, this motor not only increases power but transforms your bike.

MTO Racing Edition

The Talaria Sting is designed for enduro riding. Unlike motocross, enduro requires performance in a variety of situations, from demanding climbs requiring considerable power to trial-like sections requiring instant availability of 100% torque, not to mention the need to maintain high speeds above 90 km/h (55 mp/h).

After pushing the Sotion with the Nucular as well as our own controller through rigorous tests, we fine-tuned it for optimal performance. In summary, the motor cools less at low speeds, the torque distribution is more linear, while remaining just as powerful.

One of our pilots was experiencing constant overheating issues with the stock motor, regularly reaching 180°C for 16 kW. Thanks to the Sotion Motor for Talaria Sting, those worries are history. Now, Maxime effortlessly rides at 22 kW, with the motor barely breaking a sweat at 60°C.


Let’s talk numbers:

And if you’re thinking those numbers are just stats on paper, think again. Our co-founder Quentin put the Sotion through its paces in an enduro face-off with the Stark Varg, and the outcome? Well, let’s just say, it’s not what you’d expect.

So buckle up, because when you unleash the throttle, you’re in for a ride that doesn’t just break boundaries, it sets new ones!

Hall sensor vs. Encoder

When it comes to choosing between the Hall sensor and the Encoder, we’ll skip the overly technical stuff to keep things clear.

Simply put, the Hall sensor has the advantage of being supported by all controllers, but it’s slightly less precise than the Encoder. Conversely, the Encoder brings precision to the next level but isn’t compatible with all controllers.

Compatible controllers include: the Nucular (new generation, with integrated CNC plate), the Torp TC500 (from 2023), the TC 1000, the EBMX X9000 and the Far Driver.

Technical details

Compatibility Plug & Play with Sting – MX3 and Sting R – MX4
Motor Type Brushless IPM motor
Power 12kW nominal and 24kW peak
Torque 22Nm nominal and 60Nm peak
Max phase 650A phase current
RPM 5200RPM at nominal voltage with a maximum of 10 000RPM
Position sensor Hall sensor or Encoder
Temperature sensor NTC KTY83
Motor poles 10 poles making it a 5 pole pairs
Assembly Full aluminium body, aluminium rotor, neodimium magnets
Efficiency 92%
Motor Size 180 x 145mm (7 x 5,7in)
Protection Grade IP67
Weight 9,8kg (21lb)

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