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Brake Authority Ceramic Brake Pads


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The Brake Authority Ceramic Pads are sintered metal pads with a ceramic shield for intense use and extreme heat-resistance. Their 1000°C manufacturing process results in pads that offer an instant bite without ever fading.

They don’t need any brake-in and their sintered metal friction material guarantees an exceptional lifespan.

In the heat and the dust, under the rain and into the mud, these pads will never let you down.

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Brake Authority pads are top of the line, French engineered and manufactured. Their Sintered Ceramic Brake Pads are unrivalled: instant bite, never fade, never glaze, already broke-in yet very long-lasting.

These qualities are due to their premium components. Sintered pads are made from metal powder compressed at high pressure before being placed in an oven at 1000°C. They aren’t subject to fading or glazing because even the most extreme braking temperatures are far from reaching 1000°C and therefore cannot alter their chemical stability.

In addition, their ceramic shield prevents the heat from being transfered to the caliper, keeping the braking fluid at optimum temperature and ensuring a stable hydraulic pressure.

On top of that, the glazing effect doesn’t exist as it is a chemical reaction undergone by organic and semi-organic pads. Organic pads are made of petroleum by-products processed at around 300°C and can be burnt if overheated. This is why extreme heat induced by intense braking can “cook” them and alter their chemical bounds, making their surface hard and slippery. This is the reason why these pads require a carefull bedding-in.

Last but not least, sintered pads don’t need any running-in, merely a rotor and pads pairing for when the rotor isn’t new. The rotor has a fingerprint of its own with grooves, after a few brakings, the pads will exactly match the rotor’s fingerprint with a perfect contact patch.

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Are these for stock surron brakes ? 1 answer


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Yes, the Shimano / Surron version is for stock Surron brakes.

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