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Performance Aluminium Sprocket for Sur Ron Ultra Bee


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Our aviation-grade aluminum sprocket for the Sur Ron Ultra Bee truly blends performance with style.

Providing greater torque than the stock gear ratio, this enables astonishing accelerations while preserving battery life, as your motor won’t strain excessively in high-torque scenarios.

The sprocket is plug & play with factory wheels as well as all of our Ultra Bee wheels.

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Sprocket Size

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Sprockets are like gold nuggets in the world of bikes! They play a crucial role in transferring kinetic energy from the motor to the wheel. The size of the sprocket directly dials in the torque and speed to the rear wheel. Go bigger for more torque, smaller for higher top speeds.

Enter our Performance Aluminium Sprocket for Sur Ron Ultra Bee, a game changer that boosts torque by up to 25%, delivering mind blowing accelerations and empowering you for the steepest climbs. This larger sprocket doesn’t just amp up power, it significantly enhances motor efficiency for off-road adventures, keeping things cooler and extending your battery life.

Considering that the effective weight of rotating objects grows exponentially with speed, our performance sprocket is crafted from aviation-grade aluminum. Not only is it lighter than the stock sprocket, but it’s also much stronger, tested up to 30kW to ensure it’s built for serious power.

But that’s not all, a bigger and lighter sprocket elevates your bike’s performance in multiple ways:

Oh, and did I mention that our sprocket will give your Ultra Bee a distinctive style that’ll have onlookers green with envy?

Compatibility and fitting

Chain length depends on the sprocket size you will use, here are the number of links you need for each sprocket size.

Sprocket size (tooth) Chain
50T 98 links
52T 98 links
54T 102 links
58T 102 links

Technical details

Alloy 7071 aviation grade aluminium
Compatibility plug & play with factory wheels as well as all of our Ultra Bee wheels.

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