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Talaria Battery 72V 50Ah – The Mega 72

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The Mega 72 Talaria Battery is all about uncompromising performance: it offers insane power and practically limitless autonomy.

Retaining full compatibility with stock controller, our Mega 72 offers 164% as much capacity as the stock battery with crazy power.

Not only will our Talaria Battery give you wings with its 17kW of power, it also opens the doors to uncharted territory with its impressive 3600Wh of capacity.

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Introducing the Mega 72 – a 72V 50Ah Talaria Battery – engineered to deliver 17kW of power (183% the power of the TL3000 and 112% for the TL4000), while packing 64% more energy into a compact design.

This top-tier battery, meticulously crafted in France, utilizes A-grade Samsung cells known for their enduring power output and long-term capacity retention.

Cyprien and I rigorously tested this pack in extreme conditions, from sub-zero temperatures to scorching heat, rest assured it’s built to endure.

Encased in a streamlined, durable black stainless steel casing with an integrated handle, our Talaria battery ensures unparalleled protection and easy handling.

Enhanced Range

Everyone wants to know how far their battery will lead them. It depends on many factors: the type of terrain you ride on, the elevation you’re aiming at climbing, rider’s wheight, etc.

Nevertheless, knowing what you usually do with the stock battery, you can double the range as the Talaria Battery 72V 50Ah offers a significant boost in range, thanks to:

For instance, if your usual ride covers 40km with the stock battery, expect a doubling of the range to around 80km with the Mega 72. One question remain: will you handle it?

High Power Performance

Our Mega 72V is fully compatible with yout Talaria’s stock controller and gives you an additional 25% in torque and top speed.

For those willing to upgrade, no worries, we designed our battery with high-power controllers in mind (BAC 4000 & 8000, Nucular 24F, X9000 or TORP TC500 & TC1000), this Talaria battery consistently delivers 17kW of power.

Whether navigating technical enduro trails, tackling tough tracks or cruising at high speeds, this pack ensures a steady power supply for as long as needed.

The 72V configuration enhances operational efficiency, maintaining optimal temperatures for the controller and motor while enabling higher motor RPMs. Top speed and torque are influenced by controller selection and gearing, but rest assured, our battery provides ample power.

Additionally, all our batteries feature a state-of-the-art Bluetooth BMS, enabling real-time monitoring of battery parameters via your smartphone.

Safety First

Our programmable Bluetooth BMS meticulously monitors all pack parameters, ensuring optimal performance while prioritizing safety. From cell voltages to core temperature, every aspect is fine-tuned to maximize efficiency without compromising safety.

For example, the BMS safeguards against charging at freezing temperatures until conditions are safe, preventing potential damage.

Technical details

Cells A-grade Samsung Li-Ion INR 21700 cells
Nominal Voltage 72V
Nominal Capacity 50Ah (3600Wh)
Power Output Up to 17kW
BMS 300A bluetooth BMS
Cell connections 0.3mm pure copper busbar
Casing Black Stainless-steel case with integrated handle
Cycle Life 500 cycles with 80% of nominal capacity
Weight 15kg
Height 37cm
Compatibility All 72V compatible controllers and chargers
Modification To maximize capacity, this pack is slightly taller than the stock one. It perfectly fits the Talaria battery compartment with a minor modification of the battery support plate (supplied).

Rider’s questions

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So this will fit with out having to do anything 1 answer


Quentin mto logo

Yes, it's a plug & play git.

You said Talaria charger is compaterble but your 72v 50ah battery has a different charge port 1 answer

Jari Vilen

Quentin mto logo

Did we say that? Talaria charger is a 60V charger and this battery is 72V, so the stock charger wouldn't work in any case…

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