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If there is one component on your electric motorcycle that you always absolutely want to be in tip top shape, it’s the brakes. They are the ones that stop you before hitting a tree, falling out a cliff or that give you the confidence to go down this insane hill.

As with any high performing system, hydraulic disc brakes need to be regularly checked and maintained. Change the brake pads as soon as they wear out, check the rotors for any sign of wear or damage and don’t hesitate to bleed or top up the braking fluid if the brakes feel weak or spongy.

Whether you need to change your whole braking system, top up the braking fluid, upgrade for a newer rotor, replace a bent brake lever or just put in new pads, we got you covered. We have selected for you the very best components, because we just don’t joke with braking performance.

Shipping within 48 hours, 30 days to change your mind, exchange possible, payment in 3 or 4 times. Take your bike to the next level and equip it with high-end parts.

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