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If bikes are called two-wheelers that probably means that wheels are somewhat important! Indeed, without them your bike won’t roll. A complete wheel comprises different parts, rim, spokes and hub of course, but also different wear parts: the bearings and their seals, a tyre and a tube. Often, you will need a rim lock to prevent the tyre from slipping on the rim and ripping off the tube’s valve along the way.

When comes the time to choose a new set of wheels for your electric motorcycle, choose thoroughly. In the wheel department, size matters. The bigger the wheel the easier it rolls over obstacles and absorb terrain imperfections while being more stable. On the contrary the smaller the wheel the more manoeuvrable it becomes. So wheel size is a matter of practice and personal preference.

For serious enduro riding, 21/18 is king, it’s the set that all full size dirtbikes are equipped with. For the bike park, slower singletracks, dirt jumping and casual usage, 19″ wheels are playful and extremely versatile.
For MX tracks, 19/16 provides the agility needed in tight corners and the grip required for huge acceleration before jumps.

During months we have ridden and tested dozens of brands and models. After this long selection process, we are confident that we can offer parts that will give you complete satisfaction.

NSK is one of the world’s leading bearing manufacturers and has been producing high quality bearings for over a century.

CST is the world’s largest manufacturer for two-wheel tyres, with more than 20,000 employees, CST tyres benefit from award-winning R&D and product development.
Founded in 1977, Vee Rubber is a renowned brand known as the leading manufacturer for motorcycle inner tubes.

With over a decade of expertise SM Pro is one of the leading MX wheel manufacturers. Working with world leaders such as KTM, Husky, Honda, Yahama, or Kawasaki, rest assured that SM Pro experts do not take things lightly when it comes to wheel design.

Shipping within 48 hours, 30 days to change your mind, exchange possible, payment in 3 or 4 times. Take your bike to the next level and equip it with high-end parts.

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