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The Heavy Duty RTech Rim Lock allows you to drastically lower your tyre pressure while avoiding any tyre slippage.

Low pressure allows to get the best grip on rocks, roots, dirt and mud. With the RTech Rim Lock, go as low as 0.6 bar (8 psi) without any risk of tearing your tube’s valve.

Its one piece molded compound, perfectly fits the inner shape of the rim and sticks on all sides to ensure that your tyre and tube won’t move.

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In the off-road world, low pressure is king to get the best grip on rocks, roots, dirt and mud, even in wet conditions. With a lower pressure, your tyres will be able to deform, maximising the contact patch with the ground (or else…).

Nevertheless, with low pressure comes the risk of the tyre slipping on the rim, ripping your tube’s valve in the process. This happens as pressure is normally pushing the tyre beads on the rim’s side, tightening everything together.

As pressure drops, the force applied isn’t always enough to prevent the tyre from moving. Especially when it is subject to intense acceleration or hard braking. This is when rim locks come into play.

Its name says it all: a Rim Lock locks the tyre against the rim, preventing any slippage. The RTech Rim Lock is made from high quality ultra-resistant rubber, molded around a stainless steel fastener.

Once you have the Rim Lock in place, you can go as low in pressure as you feel confident without pinching. Usually speaking you will want to stay in the 0.8 – 1.6 bar range (8 – 23 psi). Bear in mind that the higher the tyre walls, the less chances of pinch flat. That’s why an 21/18 setup will accomodate lower pressure than 19″ wheels.

Rider’s questions

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Why can't we run tubeless and stop worrying about pinching? 1 answer


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Tubeless needs to maintain high pressure to ensure that the beads are pushed hard enough against the rim flanges to be air tight. At 2 bar of pressure on demanding terrain, the grip will lack terribly and the tyres wouldn’t absord terrain’s imprefections, bouncing and transmiting vibrations.

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