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26kW Sotion Motor for Sur Ron Light Bee


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Experiencing overheating with your stock motor? Still lacking torque or having power drops above 30km/h? Sotion Light Bee Motor to the rescue!

The Sotion MTO Racing Edition is the absolute best motor for the Sur Ron Light Bee.

Words are lacking to explain this: insane torque, crazy power, next level efficiency, did I mention it looks insanely cool? it has it all.

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Seeking more power, increased torque, extended top-end, and freedom from overheating? Sounds impossible and yet you’re at the right place. Whether you’re conquering mountain peaks or cruising on the asphalt, this engine provides an extra surge of power, leaving mountain goats and petrol bikes in the dust.

Behold, the Sotion Motor MTO Racing Edition, meticulously crafted from the ground up for the Sur Ron Light Bee. With a bigger rotor, an enlarged stator, and the ground breaking IPM technology, it’s not just about gaining power; it’s a radical efficiency overhaul.

MTO Racing Edition

The MTO Racing Edition focuses on enduro riding. Unlike pure MX riding, enduro needs performance in extremely various situations: from crazy torque-demanding uphills to wide open at more than 100km/h to trial zones asking for instant torque burst.

After extensive riding with various controllers, Quentin required some winding tuning for a better performance distribution. In a word, it heats up less at low speed, is more linear in the torque distribution and will still tear off your arms if you pin the throttle.

Picture this: Quentin wrestled with thermal management issues, the stock motor pushing temperatures well beyond 200°C at 18kW. Enter the Sotion, and suddenly, that’s distant memory. Quentin effortlessly cruises at 25kW, and the motor barely breaks a sweat at 60°C.

Now, let’s talk power, and we’re not messing around here:

Numbers might sound mundane, so here’s a story for you: Quentin shared the road with the Stark Varg and with the Sotion motor at play, the Stark simply couldn’t escape.

Now buckle up, because when you hit the throttle, it’s not just going to pull; it’s going to pull hard, really hard! Get ready to be swept away in a symphony of raw energy that transcends the ordinary and propels you into the extraordinary.

Hall sensor vs. Encoder

When it comes to choosing between the Hall sensor and the Encoder, we’ll skip the overly technical stuff to keep things clear.

Simply put, the Hall sensor has the advantage of being supported by all controllers and being more reliable thanks to a simpler design.

On the paper it’s slightly less precise than an encoder, but let’s be realistic: encoders are often used in precision CNC machines, we don’t need nanometer precision here. All the more that most controllers switch to sensorless beyound 5-10km/h.

This is the very reason we chose Hall Sensor as a default. Now if Encoder is your cup of tea, we keep them readily available and switching is litteraly a 30sec task that could be done by a 6 year old.

Compatible controllers include: the Nucular, the Torp TC500 (from 2023), the TC 1000, the EBMX X9000 and the Far Driver.

Technical details

Motor Type Brushless IPM motor
Power 13kW nominal and 26kW peak
Torque 22Nm nominal and 65Nm peak
Max phase 800A phase current
RPM 5200RPM at nominal voltage with a maximum of 10 000RPM
Position sensor Hall sensor
Temperature sensor NTC KTY83
Motor poles 10 poles making it a 5 pole pairs
Assembly Full aluminium body, aluminium rotor, neodimium magnets
Efficiency 93%
Weight 11kg

Rider’s questions

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Can this motor go 100mph like the torp tm25? 1 answer


Quentin mto logo

Yes it can. Now this will also depend on the rest of your setup.

Hi guys, I love your work on the Surrons, it’s great! Is this Sotion motor compatible with the encoder for an Nucular 24F? It’s not the newest P24F. THX in advance.. Greetings from Belgium👋 Jim 1 answer


Quentin mto logo

Hey Jim, Thank you very much for your support. I'm not 100% confident that the encoder will flawlessly work with the older Nuc version. I (Quentin) prefer the simplicity and reliability of the Hall sensor. For this reason, we'll only sell hall motors from now on and will offer the encoders as spare parts for those who want to change. Encoder chip is a 5min change and isn't very expensive. So I'd say your best bet is to take both. Worse case, you send it back to us and we'll issue a refund for the unused sensor 😉

Hi. If I use torp 500 controller what version I need to choose? Hall or encoder? 1 answer


Quentin mto logo

Hello mate, hall offers the widest compatibility, go with Hall ;)

Hi. I have torp 500 what version motor I need buy? encoder or hall version? 1 answer


Quentin mto logo

Hi there, Hall offers the widest compatibility, go with Hall ;)

Do it work on a 60V 70ah battery, Votol EM150 v2 and power setting 8kw and 12kw? 1 answer

Arno Bollyn

Quentin mto logo

It works with 60V that's not a problem. And it should work as well with the Votol in its Hall Sensor version as there's no reason the Votol can't pilot an IPM motor.

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