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Nucular P24F Controller for Sur Ron Light Bee & Talaria Sting

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One of the best controllers on the market: powerful, reliable and easy to setup, look no further.

Delivering up to 27kW and 500 phase amps, it will literally send your bike to Mars! In addition, the Nucular P24F is compatible with 60V, 72V and 80V batteries.

Speed, battery percentage, motor temperature, its LCD screen shows all the important info and allows you to quickly tune any parameter.

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Mounting Kit

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Delivering an outstanding output power of 27kW and 500A of motor phase current, the Nucular P24F is one of the most powerful controllers in its class. Adding to that an impressive field weakening, the Nucular unlocks the full potential of your motor speed.

The Nucular P24F is an ultra high end controller that was engineered from the ground up to power electric motorbikes. It was 100% developped in house by Nucular’s engineers, giving them a perfect control over every detail, resulting in a beast of power and efficiency.

Our kits are plug and play for the Sur Ron Light Bee and Talaria Sting: 100% compatible harness and mounting kit for a perfect integration. The kit comes with the Nucular on-board computer that allows you to fine-tune all the battery, motor and throttle settings to perfectly match your piloting’s preference and needs.


The controller comes pre-configured and is easily tuned by the user. Every parameter is configurable by the pilot and is only a few clicks away on the LCD screen. Power delivery, throttle curves, field weakening and regen, to name a few, are all entirely configurable.

Regen, short for regenerative braking, is a feature allowing to use the engine brake to send some power back to the battery, thus increaing your range! The Nucular offers 3 modes:

The level of motor braking is entirely configurable so you can get a slight engine brake (like a 2 stroke) or a more agressive one (4 stroke or more).

On top of that, the on-board computer is packed with features:

Last but not least, the controller constantly monitors its own temperature as well as the engine temperature, and reduces power when necessary. As with everything else, power-off values and behavior can be adjusted to suit the driver’s equipment and needs.

We rode it for 2 years in competition, in enduro and on the track without any failure before partnering with the guys at Nucular Electronics. Rest assured that with this controller will never let you down.

Technical Details

Maximum power 27 000W
Nominal power 10 000W
Battery compatibility 48V, 60V, 72V, 80V
Max. motor phase current 500A
Max. battery current 350A
Features Square, sensorless, FOC, charger, MPPT, regen
Protections Temperature, hardware overcurrent, IO ports overvoltage protection

Rider’s questions

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Is there a harness for the Nucular p24f that you can use on a Surron Ultra Bee? 1 answer

Frankie De Muynck

Quentin mto logo

Unfortunately not at this stage. Are you looking to install the Nucular on your Ultra Bee?

Hi, This is Kit for Talaria Sting MX3/MX4 (NUCP24FTAL) or just the controller? In the kit: Nucular controller P24F with firmware for Talaria. On-board computer with a mount for fork stem. CAN-wire 120 cm (47.2 inch) for On-board computer. Wiring with connectors for connecting to Talaria. Plastic adapter for mounting with bolts. Thanks, M. 1 answer


Quentin mto logo

Hi mate, yes it's the complete kit with screen, harness and plastic cover 🙌

Hello. My Sting R TL4000 bought new is stuck on wait which to my understand is either upside/down sensor, start button (new throttle on the way), or kickstand sensor. I tried shorting the start button and display is still showing WAIT. I think changing the controller will solve the problem since I will disconnect the sensors at first. Can you confirm ? I seen in the link below you there are settings to TL4000. I'd like to replicate TC500 8kW. ( I'll be keen to share the details as mine. I also like the fact that each sensor has it's own connection. Will auto-tune allow me to verify my bike is running ? Regards, 1 answer

Thomas M

Quentin mto logo

Hey mate. Yes with the Nucular you can activate the sensors as needed (or simply remove them for improved reliability). You can tune the power to your liking and even push the stock battery a tad more thanks to the boost (surge of power for a few seconds that prevents the BMS from tripping).

I want to upgrade the motor on my 72v p24f talaria xxx any aftermarket motor suggestions 1 answer


Quentin mto logo

Honestly I'm not sure what you can mount on the XXX…

Could yall post the max or best settings for a Talaria MX4 with stock Battery and stock motor? 1 answer


Quentin mto logo

You can import ready made config files for both the MX3 and MAX4 :) Here they are:

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Plug & play controller? No. But I love this thing anyway!

You can run Auto-Tune to have a useful starting point. But to get the best our of it, you need to spend some time with the manual and play with the settings. If you are willing to do so, this controller provides plenty of options to choose from to tune it exactly the way you like it. My riding season has 365 days/year, but living in the north, the winter season can be quite frosty. With the heating option for the display you will have no issues at all, even in -°C temperatures – unlike you most probably will encounter with other brands. Even with the original 60V 40Ah Surron battery this controller is capable to provide enough power for endless wheelies or sufficient single trail riding!

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Good quality

Overall good quality for the money, lots of settings!

I recommend this product