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Sur Ron Light Bee Parts

From enduro riding to dirt jumping, from MX track to city rides, this electric motorcycle does it all. The fact that there is a wide range of products and accessories makes it 100% adaptable to one’s very need and style.

Upgrade your Sur Ron Light Bee wheels and tyres or suspensions, improve range or triple the power with our Sur Ron Light Bee batteries and fast charger, the possibilities are endless.

From wheels to sprockets, from chains to batteries, we’ve developed and selected high end parts covering all areas of Sur Ron Light Bee upgrades and maintenance.

You can also explore our range of Sur Ron Light Bee brakes and accessories.

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Frequent Questions

Common questions regarding Sur Ron Light Bee Parts

Interested in delving deeper into the Sur Ron Light Bee?

The Sur Ron Light Bee (and Light Bee X) is the light e-dirtbike that first popularised the revolutionary dirt e-bike form factor, filling a niche between electric DH bikes and traditional motocross.

Its lightweight and compact frame created a new segment and a new discipline with its own riding style and techniques.

Almost as agile as a mountain bike, the Light Bee is king in tight trails and singletracks, all the while being extremely tunable, opening endless possibilities.

Is MTO the go-to for reliable Sur Ron Light Bee parts?

Eager to elevate the performance of your Sur Ron Light Bee with top notch spare parts? Ready to push your bike to its limits and beyond? You’ve landed to the right spot.

From Sur Ron Light Bee transmission upgrades to Sur Ron Light Bee controllers, and essential maintenance products, our range helps you keep your bike reliable and in tip-top condition.

Whether you’re performing a full Sur Ron Light Bee frame and chassis disassembling or just changing tires or inner tubes, our tools for Sur Ron Light Bee make the DIY process and general maintenance a breeze.

How does the development process unfold at MTO?

At MTO, we don’t just develop products, we craft experiences. Here’s a glimpse into our journey:

We kickstart with a deep dive into our pilot’s world, probing every detail to truly grasp their needs and aspirations.

Then, armed with insights, we craft a meticulous plan, meticulously mapping out every aspect from architecture to materials, ensuring every piece fits into the puzzle perfectly.

Our journey continues with the birth of a 3D prototype, a tangible manifestation of our imagination. We push boundaries, testing and refining until it’s flawless. Then, we move on to manufacturing prototypes in the final material, subjecting them to the harshest tests imaginable. Only the strongest survive.

Feedback pours in, and we thrive on it. We evolve, tweak, and refine, ensuring our products aren’t just good – they’re exceptional.

Finally, when perfection is achieved, we unveil our creations to the world.

In essence, whether it’s Sur Ron Ultra Bee parts, Sur Ron Light Bee, or Talaria Sting parts, our journey is marked by relentless pursuit of excellence, unwavering dedication to innovation, and a passion for crafting the extraordinary.

How fast is a Sur Ron Light Bee?

The Sur Ron Light Bee’s top speed can vary based on the model and upgrades. Typically, the Sur Ron Light Bee series offers speeds from 50kmh (32mph, without modifications) to 75kmh (47mph, with the limiter wire cut).

With upgrades like bigger batteries and new controllers, speeds can reach up to 110kmh (70mph). In our tests, some bikes even hit 135kmh (84mph), pretty insane for such a compact ride!

Various factors like rider weight, terrain, battery charge, and modifications affect speed. For precise info on a specific Sur Ron Light Bee, visit the manufacturer’s website or contact authorized dealers.

What's the Sur Ron Light Bee range on a single charge?

The Sur Ron Light Bee boasts an impressive theoretical maximum range of 130 km, based on a rider weighing 55 kg, maintaining a speed of 25 km/h on a smooth, dry road, in fair weather conditions, and with a tailwind.

That being said, when purchasing a bike engineered for off-road and MX prowess, yet equally adept for urban commuting, it’s not meant to be confined to a stationary treadmill. While 55 kg might be the average in an imaginary world, in the real world, most riders far exceed this weight.

Pinpointing an exact range is akin to chasing shadows, as range depends on numerous factors such as the rider’s weight, riding style, terrain type, tyres used… But to give you a concrete example, Quentin, one of the MTO co-founders, weighing 65 kg, rides approximately 25 km in hard enduro and between 15 and 20 km on wide and fast trails.

How much does a Sur Ron Light Bee weight?

When searching online for the weight of the Sur Ron Light Bee, it can get confusing because the numbers vary across different websites.

In our tests, after weighing multiple Light Bees, we found the weight ranging from 52 to 58 kg.

Specifically, the off-road model, Sur Ron Light Bee X, weighs around 52 kg, while the street-legal version tips the scales at around 58 kg.

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